Most people think of Microsoft SharePoint as a File Share, But apart from File Share, there are a number of ways organizations are using SharePoint. Here is the list of the top 20 use cases in my experience where I delivered the solutions.

  1. Document Management System
  2. File Sharing with External
  3. Content Management System
  4. Enterprise Search Center (Search the site to index and search all sites, including non-SharePoint sites of the company)
  5. Corporate News Portal-Intranet Web Sites
  6. Project Management with the Planner and Power automate PowerApps and Power BI.
  7. Team Collaboration workspace.
  8. Employee Self-Service portal.
  9. Business process Automation/Workflows.
  10. Expense Reimbursement, Travel Request, Leave request, and latter request.
  11. In the company’s Idea Management system
  12. User Learning / Training Management system with help of stream.
  13. Task Management
  14. Calendar Sharing – Corporate Calendars with important events and schedules
  15. Help desk management – Ticketing system
  16. Electronic Forms to capture and process data – PowerApps, Automate!
  17. Performance management system.
  18. Organizational Browser – People directory!
  19. Personal sites- My site!
  20. Business Performance Reporting – MIS
  21. legal Case Management
  22. Inventory Tracking
  23. Automate Invoice Management
  24. Request/ Change Management
  25. Employee Activities Site – Associations- Festival, Sports League, Toast Master
  26. Process Management, Policies and Procedure Templates.
  27. Compliance Audit management
  28. Room and Car Reservations
  29. Physical Asset Tracking and Management
  30. Contacts Management
  31. Leave Request and Vacation Schedules
  32. Records / Document Life cycle management
  33. Minutes of Meeting Management
  34. Digital Assets Management –
  35. Vendor & Customer management.
  36. Attendance system with Help of PowerApps and Automate.
  37. Tender Management